Thursday, March 20, 2008

"...I know what I'm needing, and I don't want to waste more time..."

It has been hard, lately, to get myself to work on time. I'm usually pretty punctual in all things, but now I'm slipping into a kind of senioritis concerning my day-to-day life, my excuse seemingly being, "Well, I'm moving to England in October, so what does it matter if I get out of bed right now? Or shower once I do? Or do my hair/make up/nails/wash my face/brush my teeth/eat breakfast/succeed at anything else in life generally?" Well, it does matter. What also matters is that I'm leaving New York for such an extended period of time and still, after living here for so very long, have not having taken full advantage of the city. So now, in a last ditch effort to really get something out of this experience, I'm trying to make up a list of things to do here before I go. What I have so far:

1) Fold origami boats and sail them on the sculpture fountain at Lincoln Center.
2) Visit the Bronx zoo
3) Visit the Botanical garden
4) See a movie in Bryant Park, Finally.
5) Have a picnic...somewhere. But like a real one, with a basket and everything.
6) Attend a lecture on something interesting.
7) See professional dance in performance (Because I've only done that once in my life.).

I'm stuck, which is ridiculous given my subscriptions to both Time Out and the New Yorker, but I'm opening up the floor to suggestions. It could be as simple as "Eat at this restaurant," or as romantic as, "Watch the sunset from this very spot." So my friends: what have you got?

NOTE: Visiting the following are out, as I've done them either on school functions or dates or day trips with my parents:
--Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
--Going to the Empire State Building
--Visiting Ellis Island
--Visiting the Statue of Liberty

Anything? Anything? Bueller?


Lori said...

My suggestions:
- Free NY Philharmonic in Central Park.
- See something/anything at Nuyorican Poets Cafe
- Save your nickels and get dressed up to have drinks at The Campbell Apartment or The Algonquin Hotel - old school NYC.
- Shop at the Union Square Green Market at 6:00am on a Saturday - it really is the only time to catch someone famous there.

I'll think of more.

Zuzu Petals said...

The picnic and movie in Bryant Park can be done at once. Unless you want to do a picnic in Sheep’s Meadow at Central Park, which I heartily endorse.

The Bronx Zoo and NY Botanical Gardens are mere blocks from each other and make for a great day trip. They are also close to Arthur Avenue if you wanted Italian for lunch or dinner. And it’s all sort of easy to get to from Inwood – you just take the Bx12 bus – gets you to all of the above.

If you want to go the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, go during their Cherry Blossom Festival.

City Island for seafood, if you like it. Go on a clear night so you can eat out somewhere with a deck and watch the sunset.

My still to-do list:

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I am bad immigrant progeny; 11 years here and I have not been.

Sunset from the Top of the Rock.

Attend performances at the Blue Note, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Opera, and Rev. Ike’s United Palace Theatre in WaHI.

Museums I still need to visit: BAM, LES Tenement Museum, and Hispanic Society of America in WaHI.

Go see a dance performance by White Oak Dance Project and the Tuesday night Flamenco show over dinner and drinks at Mamajuana in WaHI.

Go to the NY Buddhist Chuch’s Memorial Floating Lantern Ceremony on 9/11.

Emma said...

If you haven't been to Top of the Rock you are seriously missing out. I've been at least 4 times in the last 2 years. It's WAAAAAAY better than the empire state building.

Come summertime, there's all kinds of free concerts at the South Street Seaport and in Dumbo. I recommend stopping by the Heartland Brewery on the seaport for some beers with friends, sitting outside, and just taking in the scene.

Ride the F train in Brooklyn during the daytime. Between the 4th ave stop and Carroll you can see the statue of liberty. It's stunning.

Go to the Irish Hunger Memorial downtown. Best. Memorial. Ever.

Make a day of manhattan: Start at the Met, wander the museum until you tire of it. Stop for a street vendor hot dog and stroll through central park. Get an ice cream from a vendor near bethesda fountain. Then walk down Broadway until you hit Canal street.

Ride the Staten Island Ferry. Don't get off in SI: just take the Ferry there and back again. Ride in the very front of the boat on the outside levels both ways.

Or just stick with me, kid, and you'll have no NY regrets. I do this town right. (and on the cheap, I might mention.)

Lea Maria said...

Ah, the Nuyorican. A place that I have not been, yet has fascinated me since reading something from it's book of collected poems almost got me suspended during high school<--I'm not kidding about that. And I'll have to drag Heidi over to a fancy smancy place suggested from one of you two ladies, as we've decided to have a good NY dinner to celebrate the end of our time here.

Neighbor--I'll do the Hispanic Museum with you, since it's in our neighborhood. You up for it?

Lea Maria said...


I love your idea of walking down Broadway. I've kind of always wanted to do that, watch the neighborhoods change as you pass through them, heading from all the way up town (I'm kind of at the start of it) to the bottom. But I may have to start working out again before I have the stamina to do that.

I have been to Top of the Rock, but working a function as a hostess--I stood with a sign meant to direct French people to their company's Christmas gala, but instead dealt with a lot of tourists walking into 30 Rockefeller asking me where the Rainbow Room was. Consequently, I missed the sunset. But good call from both you and Zuzu on this one. I've got to get myself together, pull out my Battlestar Galactica* calendar, and schedule out all of this stuff...

And dude: we have to do a horror movie night! I realized the other day that I think I *had* seen one. Do you know "The Wickerman?" The original, not the remake. That movie is fucked up.

*Oh that's right: I have a Battlestar Galactica calendar. It's just a wall calendar, not a planner. Oh man, but if it was a planner I would be unstoppable! "So say we all!"

greedygreen said...

I have two. They are things I miss that make my heart ache when I think of them:

1) Go to BAM. The feminist art section kicks ass in my opinion. The ride takes forever on the 2 or 3 (although it won't seem long to you since you live up north with the Nordsmen) and it's great for letting your mind wander. Then head to the gardens next door. This is best on a saturday in summer when apparently every Asian couple in NYC choses to have their wedding pictures taken here. Not sure why, but it makes for excellent people watching.

2) One day while you're riding the 1 train, stand in between cars (yes, I know it's illegal now) when the train goes between 86th and 96th to see the abandoned 93rd street station. There's good graffiti and if the train driver isn't a speed demon it's just the kind of creepy spot that makes me love the city. If you're super ballsy, hop the tracks at Brooklyn Bridge and run the 600 feet to the abandoned City Hall Station. You have to time it right though, because if a 6 train's coming there's nowhere to go. Still: makes you feel like a teenage mutant ninja turtle once you get there. It is illegal, however.

Honorable mentions: Molly's pub, Koronet's Pizza, Sugar Sweet Sunshine's cupcakes, Tea and Sympathy, and drinking Corona on your roof in summer as the sun goes down.