Friday, June 27, 2008

When in doubt, go back to Odets.

Flipping through a journal I kept last summer, I found this copied out of Clifford Odet's Rocket to the Moon. It's from Cleo's dialogue in Act three:

"Yes, if there's roads, I'll take them. I'll go up all those roads till I find what I want. I want a love that uses me, that needs me. Don't you think there's a world of joyful men and women? Must all men live afraid to laugh and sing? Can't we sing at work and love our work? It's getting late to play at life; I want to live it. Something has to feel real for me, more than both of you. You see? I don't ask for much...I'm a girl, and I want to be a woman, and the man I love must help me be a woman!...None of you can give me what I'm looking for: a whole full world, with all the trimmings!...Experience gives more confidence, you know. I have more confidence than when I came here."

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JustJacqui said...

I know nothing about that, nothing at all. Nope. Nada. Not in the least bit. ;)