Friday, July 11, 2008

"Our time is running out/You can't push it underground/You can't stop it screaming out"

So I know I had all these great ambitions regarding "backlogging" my blog. It hasn't worked out (obviously). I'll briefly update you re: my doings around town over the past couple of weeks, but first, here's a bunch of pictures from Suzuki taken by one of my classmate's boyfriend:

En masse slow tempo.
(I don't know if it serves to have SO MANY bodies on stage at once doing this--I think you may lose some of the dynamic nature of the action, as there are so many people working at once the water may get a little muddy...does that make sense?)

Discovering the objects, after a tragedy.
I like this one--I traded that umbrella for that basket. It is full of eggs.
(They were made of wood, and I think I'd really like to have some of those actually around my house in real life. I know that sounds queer, but whatevs.)

This one's great because of Heath and the frakkin' umbrella!
(PS: Umbrellas are
Awful Hard to open in slow tempo.)

Warming up.
(Do you like that the girl in the center and I have identical outfits on?)
The above is the sculpture-dance exercise in process.
Okay, so this was really cool--using the discipline of weight sharing, we basically learned how to bring our partners to standing without them pushing themselves up, simply by walking backwards and holding their hand. It's all done by the balance achieved by both people throwing their weight.<--that's worded terribly, and if I ever teach how to do this, I'll figure out a better way to say it.
We also learned how to be set down by the partner we brought up.

Okay. That's enough of that. More updates above!

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