Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 2 a couple days late.

It took me forever to remember how I uploaded the last video. I don't know why. But in any case, here's my take on Day 2.

I'm going to try and update every few days, but daily stuff will be hard, so please bear with me.

Also: thanks everyone for your well wishes and reactions! It's so lovely to hear from you guys, and it really touches me that you're all rooting for me on the other side of the sea. Miss you all!


greedygreen said...

Hi Lovie. Two things:

Item 1 --> This video blogging of yours is making me jealous and I wish we actually followed through with our brilliant plan to blog w/ one another. Sigh.

Item 2 --> Came across this Brotherhood2 video today and John discusses narrative structure! Enjoy:

Lea Maria said...

Item 1 Response --> Yes.

Item 2 Response --> That video was made of *so much* awesome! Everything I do v-log wise is because of those two. Nerdfighters!