Thursday, April 23, 2009

And a Happy Bardday to you!

Not only is today St. George's Day, the celebration of the patron saint of England who is accredited with killing the last dragon (though why one would celebrate the man who is guilty of killing the last dragon is beyond me), it is also the day that people commemorate Shakespeare's birthday.

We don't actually know when Shakespeare was born, just when he was baptised and when he died (the latter also taking place on this date in 1616), but the 23rd is a good estimation, given the date of the recorded baptism, of the date that he may have been born on. So crank your hurdy gurdy, sponsor a bear baiting, and dance a jig in the street with a pint of ale in your hand whilst reciting a sonnet! Huzzah for Shakespeare!

(NOTE: I was kidding about the bear baiting. That stuff's pretty awful. The Elizabethans were hardcore.)

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