Saturday, April 25, 2009

The descent into madness is a road laid with paper.

I am under self-imposed house arrest and Internet quarantine (so difficult!) to finish my school work this weekend. I have a paper due Monday, and the research presentation is next Wednesday, and as well as just being behind generally, I have to cobble together a power point, provided meaningful feedback to my group members' work, and finish editing a video I don't have all of the footage for and in a program I'm pretty sure is corrupted somehow (despite all the help I received at the Apple Store on Regent Street from a certain Genius, it's still not working properly). To keep from despairing completely, I did give myself the morning off and watched all of the videos here to occupy my time, as I'd already seen the Ricky Gervais video podcast touching on it previous (which is hilarious). I'm going out to the farmer's market briefly to buy supplies for this encampment, but could any kind soul please check in with me on Monday at least? Just to make sure I'm still alive...

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