Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a reminder of the kind of mind you're dealing with...

From my journal today. It struck me as humorous for some reason, so I post it here for you. Enjoy.

Had strange dreams [last night]. Can't remember all of them. In one I went to go see Tommy Sparks, but his show ended up being weird--more like a piece of musical theatre than anything else. And he had a woman singing/dancing/performing with him, who seemed like a lesbian to me. It was being done in a space similar to the Hoxton, but they were performing on the floor. And I was with some people, and we were sitting at a table, and suddenly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked in. The paparazzi swarmed them, and they smiled these plastic smiles (they looked REALLY fake--artificial--honestly) and Angelina walked off. And for some reason Brad Pitt came and sat with us. I was in shock, and hoped one of the boys I was with would offer to buy him a drink. He turned to me and asked me, "What's your poison?" I said vodka gimlet--which is not true, that's Heidi's drink, not mine. And he said, "Well," and gestured to the bar, like, it's all yours sweetie, whatever you want. I walked to the bar* and tried to order a drink, but the bartenders wouldn't listen to me--they just stared at my chest (I was wearing something low cut). When I put my hand over my clevege, they looked right into my face like nothing had happened. I removed my hand, their eyes returned, put my hand back, they looked me in the face again. I yelled at them, "Brad Pitt wants to buy me a drink, so make me a Glenlivet!"<--which was of course, not the drink I had originally told Brad Pitt about.

Very strange, I know.

I dreamt some other stuff, too, but I can't remember any more now.

*In retrospect, Brad Pitt was not much of a gentleman, since he sent me to get my own drink, and into such a pack of wolves.

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Molly said...

How dare Brad Pitt be so callous?! I hope he teaches his four thousand children to behave better.