Thursday, May 28, 2009

Postcards from the Edge

I filmed this last night, but didn't edit/post till today (obviously). It's been a long week, and if I'm not completely unconscious on Sunday, it will be a frakkin' miracle. My apologies that this is such a poor quality vlog--I was barely usable when I shot it. But trust me: you don't want to see the footage I threw out.


Zuzu Petals said...

First 1.5 minutes - hilarious.

I have a white dress I love but it's hard to wear in dirty environments. Which is everywhere, it seems. Sorry I'm missing the Billie Jean dance off. And I can't blame you at all for wishing you had a kitchen. I'm not going to have one for all of a week that I'm in London and I really can't stand it. Maybe you can find a short term rental / sublet?

Anonymous said...

you are amazing.

please more vlogs

i want to make a vlog

i love you


(from the bahamas)

ps. i miss you

Lea Maria said...

Jen Schriever-

I could not deny you. Because you have asked, I will make sure my next update is also in vlog form.

Miss you!


Molly said...

this apple would be a lot better if it was...a beer. that's why you are my favorite! and i hear you about the being an adult thing. going from having my own apartment to living with my parents seems like kind of a step back.

cokaly said...

god, this video makes me miss you. and you look gorgeous, btw.

i think there is something to be said for compromise, especially when only for four months, but i don't think knowing what you want and not wanting to compromise (at least initially) is being stubborn. i also do not think that being a student (particularly one working towards their second degree) means you give up being an adult. perhaps it half-suspends the reality of being an adult for a period of time, but i don't think that responsibility is gone altogether.

and your pen--featured quite prominently in this video--is amazing.

Lea Maria said...


Don't worry about living at home with your parents for a bit. Everyone does it. Someone once told me, "Every step, no matter what direction, *is* a step forward." So you needn't fear going backward: this is just what you have to do for your life right now. That's all. And the best part is in knowing you don't have to do it forever.

I miss you, too, and hope to be able to catch you in Paris this summer! And thank you for the lovely compliments. I think you are right re: what you say about compromise--it *IS* only for four months--and I guess my reluctance to move into such a place is close to Molly's fear about taking a step backwards by moving to F-Town. So I should probably just suck it up and find something livable and in my budget. But anything that offers access to fridge and a stove top is very exciting.