Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post-Festival Talk

First week of the Turbulence Festival is over, and my performance event One Thing May Lead To Another ended last night. It went off rather well—we had to add an extra seat at the table both Friday and Saturday nights to fit in extra bodies. As per usual with shows that have extremely limited runs, we finally got it the night we had to close it down. Having only three performances seems a little disappointing, considering how many hours we spent working on it, but such is the ephemeral nature of theatre, particularly the unfunded kind. That said, I’m glad to have next week off to catch some of the other offerings on the Festival schedule, particularly Little Dark Deeds, a performance centered around the action that takes place in and around a Victorian toy theatre. The audience functions as voyeurs while sitting in a wagon, where a series of panels open around them, displaying the toy theatre and several live staged scenes. Many of my friends worked on this, and it has the distinction of being the only show in the festival featuring an element of puppetry. So I’m psyched for that, and the extra loafing I’ll be able to get in before the last week of this term.

The summer term is coming up, and I’ll be spending most of my time reading, researching, and writing parts of my dissertation, but during this I hope to still be able to find the time to explore the city more, and maybe travel for a few days, either to Ireland or Paris←all for you, Clayton. I’ll be staying with my friend and fellow classmate Loukia until the end of August at least, which will put me closer to school and secure access to television. Which means I can watch trash. It is wrong how excited I am at this prospect, but there’s nothing better to do while forcing yourself to lift and do sit-ups.

Which brings up something else I need to turn my attention to this summer: getting into shape. Again. My body is definitely a casualty of the theatrical process—not enough sleep, eating whatever crap is cheap and available at all hours of the night, never having enough time (or motivation) to work out during the small amount of downtime you get since all said downtime is devoted exclusively to being as inactive and un-contemplative as humanly possible. Basically, I have slowly turned into a slug, and fear I am on my way to Jabba-the-Hutness. This is perhaps an exaggeration, but nonetheless, I just don’t feel well, and I know that can change. That still doesn’t make the prospect of working out consistently any less obnoxious. But if you weigh that option against the facts—like having eaten an Entire pizza today--it’s probably completely necessary.

That’s it, kids. I’ll be back when I have something more compelling to share. Peace out for now.

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