Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday (Not) Funday

Things I've learned this week while writing (or not writing) my dissertation:
  • In the award for best drink to consume while writing, Barcardi and Cola will never, ever beat a Jack and Coke. Sadly, there is nothing but rum in the house, and I long for whiskey. Oh, Jack Daniels: my heart and liver belong to you alone!
  • Peter Brook is pretty smart.
  • I can be easily distracted by television on my computer.
  • Ricky Gervais is sometimes my only solace.*
  • I don't think I'll be getting my doctorate anytime soon.
  • I am consumed with the dread of failing at this.
  • My birthday, which is coming up, depresses me.
  • The old adage about theatre making is true about life as well: there is never enough time, and there is never enough money.
  • I want out.
  • Nothing is better or more comforting than a good cup of coffee from Jason on the worst of days.
  • I need a hug. Or several. Several would be good.
Right. Back to work.

*NOTE: I just want to say, while my love for Stephen Merchant is as endless and boundless as the sea, I have been watching a lot of Ricky Gervais on the web lately, and that it's nothing against Stephen (who holds my heart so completely in his giant-like hand), but simply because I've already watched every video of him online, and can't afford the Extras DVDs right now to continue to satiate myself with his genius. So I've moved on to his writing partner. Momentarily anyway. Yes.

("No one cares, Lea. No one cares...")


Anonymous said...

I care. Sounds like you are busy - just finish the damn papaer!!

Lea Maria said...

Mom? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

i care too :)
and finish the paper!


Max said...

Lea--I have both seasons of Extras. You may borrow them...but only after you finish your paper.

Lea Maria said...


That's the best bribe to be productive I've heard in...ever.

You are on!

PS: I will loan you zombie DVDs when *your* paper is over!

Anonymous said...

Yes - it was mom