Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too pretty to not write about.

I have a penchant for decaying buildings. I couldn't tell you why, but I've always loved old things: old houses, old furniture, old wine, old(er) men...I digress. Anyway, I was struck with awe and wonder this afternoon walking into the space where we'll be performing "Organism" for The Festival Of... Below is some footage I took at St. Leonard's Church,Shoreditch (which has its own tribute to the acting profession within), my newest old love.

269 years old, and still HAWT. I know in the video I said, The Festival of What--but trust me when I tell you, the festival is simply titled, The Festival Of... A little confusing, I know. But I think it will be good.

I make it rain indoors. Truth.

(And check out my new glasses! w00t! After 1.75 years of squinting I can finally see! Oh, rapture!)

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