Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because art doesn't think up itself...

One of the Five Sentences for this week's Space (in) Between restrictions is: "You must use a chair in an unconventional way (IE: do not just sit in it)." I thought it up myself, thank you very much. Here's me in process, trying to work this out with the assistance of my MacBook camera. I'm putting it here because:
  1. I think it's interesting showing the struggle people go through to make anything.
  2. As an actor, I have to try to not worry about looking like an idiot. So here's testimony to possible idiocy.
Enjoy--even if it's only in a snarky way.


Miss E said...

This made me think of you:

Lea Maria said...

Those are GENIUS. I love you for sending them!

Zuzu Petals said...

This is fucking hysterical.

Lea Maria said...

Amy Lee-

I get the feeling you're not laughing *with* me.