Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Story About a Pencil: REDUX

As promised:

It is essentially the exact same film as before, but cut a little differently. I literally had to go back and piece it together from scratch ("Oh iMovie, why do you hate me so much?"), but I used the previous film as a guide. As I post this, around 1AM in London, I am also GChatting with Marley Magaziner (yes: that is her real name), who is sitting in a black box in New York, co-hosting the Tank's Silent Night event, and has looped my film to play 15 times in a row as people are getting in and settling themselves down for an evening of silent entertainment. I am sitting in my bed, snuggled up in my pajamas under my duvet. The modern age astonishes me.

To those in the States--Goodnight.

To those in the UK--Good morning.


Dani said...

Moo. The video is not working for me tonight. Have to check in later. I think it is 10:30 in the morning where you are; I just returned from a Friday night party. Hello, darling!

Lea Maria said...

Hello, darling!

Sounds like a killer party--get to bed!