Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"You say 'Goodbye/And I say "hello'"

Here is a little virtual tour of my accommodations I made today. I'm a little awkward on camera. That's a bit unexpected. But it might be less awkward if I was talking about literary structure. Katie? What do you say?

Enjoy--I'm off to Starbucks. Hooray!


Miss E said...

Your mission:
Steal as many british signs and instruction manuals for me as possible, particularly if the logos or descriptions are hilarious.

Miss E said...


"I don't shoot things"

God bless you.

Zuzu Petals said...

Oh my god. It vlogs. That is some seriously funny shit, man. I am glad to see that my photo is so well protected by the inhabitants of the egg of Kinder. Oh, and your hair looks totally faboo.

Lori said...

:) Now, where I'm from in the Midwest we insist on knowing how to shoot things - - oh, not that kind of shooting. I love that you made a video of your new home. Enjoy, grow, laugh, love... By the way, your new haircut is awesome.

clayton said...

iiiiiiiiii miiiiiisssssss youuuuuuuuu!

1. i wish they had dorm rooms like that in the us. at least at any of the universities i ever attended.
2. i'm envious of your desk space.
3. i love your kinderegg toys.
4. i burst out laughing that you have an alligator guarding your shampoo. i may steal the idea.
5. you may be a bit awkward on camera, but it makes for amazing tv. :)

best of luck in london...i want to come visit soon!

cokaly said...

p.s. your haircut is

Mel3 said...

Yay! I am glad you made it there safely and I love your haircut. I recently took out the blonde in mine, so ALL BLACK! Very dramatic.

Dani said...

Two things:

1. I was so struck by your voice! Oh my gosh. How long has it been since we've spoken face-to-face? I'm thinking it could be close to a decade! AH! You sounded so much like a "grown-up," it was weird. But a very good voice. Fluid.

2. The tour of your room was fun, I had a good time trying to imagine what good times and bad times will go down in that room. But I flinched when you pulled back the curtain and revealed your view -- LONDON! Until then, it looked like a typical (though nice) dorm room, and then LA! We're on the set of Mary Poppins!

Dani said...

Wait, wait. Six years does not equal one decade.

Six years.