Wednesday, May 28, 2008

October/And kingdoms rise/And kingdoms fall/But you go on.../...and on...

Okay, it's been published on the website so it must be true. My start date is officially the 6th of October, 2008, if any of you care about those kind of specifics. This will be two days after my bff gets married, in a wedding where I'm maid of honor. So it looks like I'll be flying out the next day, or that night, alone (no one can make the trip over with me, it seems), and arrive in London really early on the first day of classes, or just a few hours before that day actually starts. Pretty crazy, and the jet lag may be** a bitch. I'm hoping not. I found this little counter (above) and couldn't figure out how to add it to my formal blog layout, so I just posted it.

(**Non sequitur: Lately I've been writing "may be" instead of "maybe" quite a bit. I still occasionally do the latter, but it's not too consistent. Does anyone know if it's justifiable to do the former in specific usage, or am I just stupid?)

More on the concept of flying over alone another time. Or maybe never. That's a bit too gushy fare for me.


Dani said...

Oo! Grammar questions. I can answer grammar questions!

"May be" and "maybe" are not interchangable. Use "may be" when "be" (as in, the second word of "may be") is the verb of your sentence. Use "maybe" when there main verb of your sentence is elsewhere.

1. Maybe attractive men will attend the party!

("will attend" is the main verb)

2. There may be attractive men at the party!

("be" is the main verb)

Lea Maria said...


You are awesome.

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