Sunday, May 11, 2008

NY Event Number Six: Taking a walking tour of a specific area--this time, the Flatiron District.

Did you know the historic Flatiron Building holds the record for being the image most printed on postcards?

It's true--according to my walking tour guide.

For Mother's Day, my parents came in and spent the afternoon in the city with me, starting out with this free walking tour of the historic landmarks surrounding Madison Square Park. These included, but were not limited to:

The Flatiron Building

The Toy Building North

The Worth Monument

The Gilbert Hall of Science

The Appellate Courthouse

The Met Life Tower

I'm not going to run down little historical blurbs for every attraction we saw--that way madness lies (and a very bor-red Lea, to be sure). But the experience was fun overall, particularly because of the novel pieces of information our tour guide dropped in every now and then. For instance: the meeting place of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street at the front point of the Flatiron was a place of very strong wind gusts, and lots of men would gather there to watch ladies' skirts rise up. Police officers were assigned to the intersection to break up the ogglers, and the term 23 skidoo was coined.

Little pieces like that made me wonder what a walking tour of my own design would be. Things like:

"This was the theatre where I saw my first Broadway show" (The Winter Garden)
"This was the first bar I got picked up in" (Kelly's on the UES, no longer in existence)
"This was the subway stop I fell in love at" (questionable, the "love" sentiment, but let's say the 86th 4/5/6 stop holds a very memorable place in my heart)
"Favorite watering hole" (Banshee on a Sunday or Monday night with nachos from Blue Moon delivered in).

I feel like I'll be adding to this list as my tenure in this city comes to a close, and especially when I go home to Jersey. Which will not actually be "home" at all, as my parents recently sold the house I spent the latter part of my formative years in the day after this walking tour took place. So I'm going to...I don't know. And then...I don't know.

But enough of that. What would your various walking tours look like? Any city accepted.

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