Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yoga Certification Progress: Anatomy Done! (Maybe.)

(ABOVE: Diagram of Jason Brown, labeled with anatomy; BELOW AT LEFT: A doodle)

Well, probably. Most of it, at least. I must admit, I went a little crazy trying to make up hours of the anatomy intensive that I missed the last time around--I had a table reading of Much Ado one day, and rehearsal for The Accommodation the other, cutting both of my six hour days short by about three each day. So I went Saturday, determined to get through the whole weekend with and open mind and excitement about the human body.

I failed.

By the four hour mark of the first day, I was falling asleep, and bailed to go home and take a cat nap before seeing my friend Melissa's dance show. Today I couldn't bare it almost at all, and after two hours headed out.

Part of it is the heat--NY is especially oppressive lately, and even an early morning jog feels like moving through butter. Part of it is the repetitiveness--having done part of this before, there was a bit of information I was already familiar with some of what Jason (anatomy & yoga teacher extraordinarie!) was discussing, so it was easy to zone out. And another part is being back in the classroom after so long, I've yet to build up the tolerance for these kind of situations. I also have a habit I developed my senior year in college of walking out of classes I don't find interesting, wandering around for about a half and hour, maybe getting a snack, maybe checking my e-mail, and then meandering back in at some later time. And anatomy, to me, is only so fascinating, unless it involves the use of this book, which is awesome.

But in any regard, it's over now (I think--there may be a stray hour I need to account for), so I'm a touch closer to having my yoga diploma.

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