Monday, December 8, 2008

As if things couldn't get any better...

...several friends old and new reached out to me today to lend support, an ear, a shoulder, and even offered monies. Thank you all. And the best news is:

Someone found my wallet. I should be able to pick it up as soon as I arrange a meeting place with said savior.

But thanks to my parents, to the Central staff (who I've no doubt will not read this), and to my England (not all of them English) friends who supported me through the day during a huge time of trauma. And thank you to Amy and Sean for your online support!

Just remember the Killers: "Everything will be all right..."

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Amy Sample Ward said...

Awesome! I wasn't to email last night but didn't know your email and also figured I'd leave you alone as you were probably worried about it all much more than me, for obvious reasons, but I couldn't stop thinking about you all day and just hoping that the universe wouldn't be so cruel to really let you lose it all right before going home. And, see...the universe isn't that cruel :)