Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deloitte Ignite Festival '09

Shameless plug:

Head over to the Royal Opera House this weekend and check out the Deloitte Ignite '09 Festival and catch various artists and acts! It's being curated by Time Out, so you know everything will be full of hipness. Here's a run down of what's being offered over the three days.

The short film I shot last week will show as part of the site-specific performance of Absent, dreamthinkspeak's offering to the festival. You can find a summary of it here.

If seeing me in a dress in a movie isn't reason enough to go, you should also know that most of the events are FREE! Heck, that's why I'm going.

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Zuzu Petals said...

Zombies and pretty dresses! Look at you! You make me clap my hands when you're creative 'n stuff.