Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One More Time

At the request of Ms. Jen Schriever, I'm throwing this up here. It's all I'll have to offer for the next few days. Please forgive the quality and general rambleness--I desperately need a vacation, and also desperately need to make up the work I neglected while doing this.

In reality though, I don't need a vacation. All I really want is a salad. Okay, and maybe also a cheeseburger. I have always been a woman of simple needs.

(Mike--if you have watched this, you will have noticed: the video is doing that thing AGAIN. What the frak is wrong?!)


Molly said...

you sound incredibly busy. i am totally impressed with your fortitude, and i think that what you are doing is amazing! i'm also glad to hear that there is a Camden where you are. just a little taste of home. although i feel confident that your Camden is not also known as Murdertown USA.

Anonymous said...

i play the part where you say my name and look into the camera over and over and pretend we are together... is that creepy?


Lea Maria said...

Only if you pretend we are "together" in a sexual way, Jen. Only then is it creepy.

Anonymous said...

nope not like that :)

i love you though, and your process, and i hope i get to see you somewhere somehow soon (er than later)