Monday, April 27, 2009

Accidental Art

As mentioned about a month ago, I'll be a participating artist in the Accidental Festival, a joint venture between the Roundhouse and CSSD. The piece I'm involved in is called Accidental Art, and will be generated in a twelve hour rehearsal the day before we perform it (similar in vein to the 24 hour play format that's become so popular over the past few years). So I literally can't tell you anything about what it will be about because: I don't know yet.

If you'll be in London on the 23rd, go here for tickets.


Zuzu Petals said...

Ah, wouldn't it be lovely if I could be in London. A girl can dream.

Yes, I owe you a letter. My head's been in a wonky place lately, my bad.

Lea Maria said...

Aw, kit-kat,

It's cool. I hope the wonky place isn't discouraging you in any way. you're a survivor, sister. Keep on going.

I wish you were in London, too... :(